There's no better time to teach your children the importance of sharing with others than the Holiday Season. Create their free profile on, and you'll be empowering your kids to help kids in need all over the world.

For every kid that signs up for an iSow profile, will start them off with their first donation. Make philanthropy a part of your child's holiday gift list today and they'll feel the pride of improving someone's tomorrow.

Join iSow and in changing the way our kids experience the holidays. Let's start #giving as much as we #get


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This year, Americans are projected to spend over $650 billion on holiday shopping.

Almost 20% of that spending will be on gift cards -- many of which go unused

Imagine what we could do if only a fraction of that money was spent on teaching our kids to share their blessings and help others.

Give #Goals instead of #Goods

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A Joy that is shared is a joy made double.

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